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Build Your Client Base Through Education

Build You Client Base Through Education

We offer you access to meet qualified prospects by positioning you as an educator in your community and field.

Our task is to seek out local companies and organizations, on your behalf, who are interested in providing financial workshops
for their employees.

We allow you to do what you do best; provide sound financial advice, build relationships all the while growing your practice with a new client base.

We take the hassle out of traditional seminars for you; no mass mailings, no room rentals, no catering. We simply find you the interested companies, provide you with the workshop material and match you both.

Realistic Expectations
Keeping the Program 110% transparent!

Reasons why you may be a perfect fit for the program:

  • Love educating groups and helping community
  • Looking for positive community exposure
  • Comfortable at public speaking
  • Looking to build client base through relationships
  • Cost effective approach
  • Do not want to pay for dropping mail or feeding attendees
  • Looking for prospects genuinely interested in learning
  • Want to be viewed in the community as an educator rather than a salesperson

Reasons why you may not be a fit for the program:

  • Prospects may not be your “target client” (not all are seniors)
  • Population of the advisors area will dictate how specific we can connect you to desired industries
  • How well the advisor connects with the audience will dictate appointment ratio from the workshops
  • Not every company you are connected with will move forward with the workshops, it’s up to the your ability to build relationships (average ratio is 70%)
  • This is not a quick lead system, this is long term marketing built on relationship building
  • You need to be flexible on scheduling to accommodate the company’s needs


Why Synergy

With our strategic relationship, we can provide a demographic report to determine the amount of opportunities in your area to target. You can have your first meeting in as little as 45 - 60 days! Find out just how easy it is to grow your client base by simply calling us at 855.315.1600 for more information.

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